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How to buy cheap bitcoin? Here is the market where you can buy cheap bitcoin anonymously with no kyc involved.

Cheap Rates

We offer bitcoin at a price as low as 25% depending on the amount you purchase. The delivery is instant and guarenteed.


Anonymity is our first priority. You can buy up to 13 Bitcoin without giving away your personal information.

Flexible Payments

We offer bitcoins on Crypto-to-Crypto rule. Hence the payments are quick and anonymous.

How It Works?

Choose Package

Choose the required bitcoin package and add it to your cart and proceed to checkout.

Make Payment

Provide you wallet address and contact information, checkout and make the payment.

Receive Bitcoins

As soon as your payment is confirmed, the requested amount is transferred to your given wallet address.

Bitcoin Packages

Discount from 10% to 25%

how to buy cheap bitcoin 10% Cut

Buy 0.01 ฿ to 0.09 ฿

Price: 0.009฿-0.0810฿

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how to buy cheap bitcoin 15% Cut

Buy 0.1 ฿ to 0.9 ฿

Price: 0.08501฿-0.7652฿

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how to buy cheap bitcoin 20% Cut

Buy 1 ฿ to 5 ฿

Price: 0.8001฿-4.0015฿

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how to buy cheap bitcoin 25% Cut

Buy 6 ฿ to 13 ฿

Price: 4.5007฿ – 9.7505฿

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Latest Transaction Feed

Subscribe to our Telegram channel and get the updates on latest bitcoin transactions and transfers. If you place an order here and want to opt out of channel publication amid privacy, please let us know before hand. is one of the very few decentralized crypto-to-crypto exchange which offers the cheapest rates to buy bitcoin. Our bitcoin rates are as low as 25% depending on the amount you purchase.

The bitcoins listed here for sale are either obtained from hacked or lost wallets. There are many wallets available online whose passwords are lost and unknown. We brute-force these wallets using our hyper fast algorithms (the ECDSA algorithm with elliptic curve secp256k1 and others). That is the reason we sell these bitcoins cheap in exchange for clean cryptocurrencies e.g bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin.

We already are cleaning 70% of the bitcoins which collect from compromised or left-over wallets. Meanwhile, we offer some of these bitcoins to other people. This process works as an automation for cleaning our bitcoins.

As we sell bitcoins from compromised or lost wallets, anonymity is our top priority. It is not only indispensable for us but also the people who buy from us. This is the reason we offer only crypto-to-crypto exchange. Hence you can make payment using clean bitcoin, ethereum or litecoin.

We keep a single transaction maximum to 13 Bitcoins. It is necessary to avoid red flags on blockchain and crypto community. So, if you want to buy more than 13 bitcoins, we highly recommend you to split your transactions and change your address for each transfer.

You can always reach out to us via the following mediums:

Technically No.

We sell bitcoins from hacked or abandoned wallets. So it is necessary for you to know what you are buying. The most important thing is what you do next after buying these bitcoins. We highly recommend buyers to mix these bitcoins well before using them. For those who are new to cryptocurrency, we recommend them to get a good know-how of bitcoin and risks associated with it.

How to buy cheap bitcoin

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